How many TAE's do you belong to? 5, 10, 25, 50 or even more? Would'nt it be nice if you could promote every single one of them with just one link! If you don't see your favorite on "our list", you can have the admin come get it listed for life, FREE OF CHARGE! Or you can use one of your advertising spots and promote your referral link on your own.

Promote your other favorite programs at the same time!
As a free member you are able to place two of your favorite sites on top of your "programs list page" and advertise them on top of our TAE Partner sites! So you advertise two of your favorite programs, then fill in your affiliate id at all the TAE's listed that you belong to, and promote them all! Again with ONE LINK! If you are a member of 25 or our partner sites, you would be promoting your referral links on 27 websites all at the same time! As an upgraded member you are able to add 15 of your personal favorites! These can be changed at anytime.

Refer others to help you promote!
By referring others to TAE Buddy, as they go out to promote their page, your programs and affiliate ids follow! If they belong to your sites, or to one of the partner TAE's they will plug in their affiliate ids, if not they are promoting your favorites, your TAE affiliate ids for you! This continues down three levels! So if you can refer 10 people, and they refer 10, and then they refer 10, THAT'S 1,000 PEOPLE NOW HELPING YOU PROMOTE YOUR STUFF!

Earn cash just for using TAE BUDDY!
Any person that you bring to the program that upgrades their account, you will earn a $1.00 referral commission as a free member, and $6.00 as an upgraded member! Membership is LIFETIME, you will receive the commissions one time on each referral . You can request a payout every $6.00 UNLIMITED REFERRALS! TELL THE WORLD!

Free bonuses and advertising offers!
TAE owners will be offering free advertising, or bonuses to encourage you to come join their sites! You never know what they might offer to entice you for your sign up? There are offers for free members as well ad pro members. There will be new ones added constantly.

TAE Owners! Check this out!
You can add your TAE to our list, for life, absolutely FREE Have everyone of our members promoting your site, on every page, for life, FOR FREE! All you have to do is sign up yourself, place our partner button on the front page of your site, and send me your info. The partner button will have your affiliate id attached to it, so you will get any referrals coming from your site. This is a great set and forget way to advertise your TAE, plus to earn cash!

Why upgrade?
1)For starters, you get to add 15 of your own programs to the top of your programs page! Again your favorite programs will be carried down three levels and promoted by your downline (unless they are a member or join your programs, at which time they would insert their own affiliate ids)

2)You earn more commissions! You will now earn $6.00 per upgraded referral paid to you as they one time per referral. Unlimited referrals in to the program!

3)Special Notes page! - As a pro member you will have access to your very own online notes page! You can add referral links, usernames, passwords, referral banner info, check list for advertising, anything you wish to add! Just plug in your notes, hit save, and it will be there waiting on you the next time you come back! Online, password protected, there even if your computer crashes! A pretty nice perk for upgrading to pro.

3) ===>Better bonus offers! - Many program owners will place better offers for pro members, some of them will state that the offers they are submitting are for pro members only! You will have access to these offers and accept the ones you like.

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